• H0lmgang is a BETA product. Bugs / Errors / Hickups may occur.
  • Archived contests will be cleaned up regularly until better/affordable hosting is found.
  • Users are responsible for the images that they upload. Images should always be your own.
  • Fine art nudity is allowed. Yes, I'll even allow nipples. Pornography or other non-lawfull activity is not tolerated! If you misbehave you will be banned.
  • Tom Leuntjens can not be held responsible for any shizzle that might occur.
  • Uploaded images are yours. I don't steal your copyright. I won't sell them. But I can't guarantee poeple that you share the URL with won't ...
  • Anything else that you think that can be used against me, well it simply can't be used against me. 100% covered my ass now.

Privacy Policy of the HolmGang Facebook app

This Application collects some Personal Data from its Users.
Facebook authorisation is only in place to uniquely identify users. The data won't be passed to third parties.

Facebook permissions asked by this Application.

  • Allows the Owner to retrieve some basic information from your Facebook profile. This will NOT let the app post things on your behalf!

Lets try to keep this fun people!